Ready to shop smarter, cook savvier and save money on your grocery bill?

... and it doesn't involve converting to Aldi, buying only one type of meat or surviving on bread.

Think swapping your butter for margarine and thinning your meals out with lentils is the only way to save a buck? Think again.

There are many ways to save money on your groceries that do NOT require average food or sacrificing your health.

Grocery prices are going up and it sucks. The only thing we can predict is that it'll cost more than it did last week (or last month and the one before that too). And we're all feelin' it. 

While this is affecting everyone who goes through the checkout. There's so much average advice being thrown around about what YOU can actually do to save your dollars. 

There are many many many ways to save money on your groceries that go beyond the 2 most famous tips I see doing the rounds - butter for marg and lentils in everything... BORING.

You're in the right place if you're:

Feeling lost at how to actually save money on your groceries

Closing your eyes and hoping for the best when you scan your credit card at checkout

Wondering how much longer the price hikes will go on for

Swapping products for the home brand equivalent and thinking that's all the power you've got

Sick of thinning every meal out with lentils

Wishing there was another way over swapping your precious butter for margarine 

Hoping there's some cool cooking hacks you can use to save money and spend a little bit of time in the kitchen 

Ready to stop paying through the nose for convenience foods

The good news is you are not alone and there is a way to save more. In fact, there's around 73 things I'd do before I swapped my butter for bloody marg and I'm sharing them with you in this guide...

Introducing: The Save Money on Your Grocery Bill Mega Guide
A self paced program designed to fill in the gaps of your cooking and grocery shopping knowledge. So you can shop smarter, cook savvier and save your precious cash.

This is an instant access product made up of 7 areas to save your cash:

1. Meal Planning

2. Grocery Shopping

3. Meal Prepping

4. Cooking

5. Leftovers

6. Recipes

7. Storage

I'll be honest with you, straight up. This guide is full of tips to do with actual cooking. It's not all about the shopping. There's only so many supermarket swaps for cheaper products.

Grocery shopping, meal planning, cooking and what you do with that food after you've cooked it (besides eating it) make up a full package. 

Trying to save money on your bill but avoid cooking is not going to work. 

So ahh, it's a mini cooking course I guess but by the end of it you'll be fluent in Kitchen Swagger.
Get started today with instant access.

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What do I get? An instant download PDF. Helping you to save your cash at the grocery store.
When do we start? The full guide will drop on Thursday 6 April.
Are there any live classes? No. This is a self paced instant download mini course / guide.